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21 and done
2 girls my moon and sun
3 years of lust and fun
2 times shot by his gun
But damn I had it comin
And always had u cummin
whole time thought we was lovin
Said forever, it meant nothin
I the victim broken?
‘let’s get married’ hell u jokin
Somethings are better left unspoken
But think about her while you smokin
Trust a wolf in sheeps clothing?
I did twice and sent em running
Gave u all me got back nothing
felt your lies I caught you bluffing
I run my kingdom solo
ain’t no alpha you gotta go hoe
Bitchniggas betray and get lost
Liars and fraud fucks get tossed
Thought you were my lover my friend
Our genetics were the perfect blend
‘Papi amor’ and hit send
So fake with the realest end